Architectural Consulting

At Sura Malaga Design and Development, we believe that the creation of a high-quality new home or remodeling project begins well before actual construction takes place. As with anything in life, the better your plan is, the better the outcome will be.Townhouse

Our design experts will consult with you to capture the essence of your desired design from the very outset of your project. We strive to combine our experience and knowledge of architecture and interior design with your wants and needs for a new or newly remodeled space, in order to bring your ideas to life.

Once you visualize and communicate your redesign thoughts to us, we go to work on the smallest details like finishes, textures and colors. Then, once all the design criteria have been addressed and approved, we quickly and efficiently move forward to work with your architect and builder to put those details into action. That allows us to get your project moving as soon as possible, avoiding the delays that can sometimes accompany remodeling projects.

It makes aesthetic and economic sense for the designer to be part of the earliest planning processes because architectural elements and surface materials, including floors, columns, moldings, and cabinetry, are part of a home’s structure. 

“These are the elements that establish a home’s character. They set the ‘stage’ for the clients’ personal style, and I consider it my job to help define that style and translate it into actual interiors. However, design is a total discipline. It isn’t just free-form creativity. I see myself as an over-all planner, fully competent to handle anything from aesthetics to technical aspects, and that’s the reason I’m often called upon to put together the best possible design-build group to make a client’s dream house a reality.”